Handprint Tulip Bouquet

All the flowers in this brightly colored bouquet are made with little handprints.  It makes a whimsical nosegay to present to Mom or Grandma.  You can make a picture or a card using these handprint flowers.

You will need:

1.  Construction paper in several colors

2.  A pencil

3.  Scissors

4.  Glue

A bouquet made from colored handprints
Handprints cut from colored paper

Step 1.  Make the handprints.

Trace your hand or your child's hand onto construction paper.  Cut the handprint out.  Make several handprints in different colors.

Green paper V that will be the stems for the flowers.

Step 2.  Make the stems.

Cut two long, thin strips of green paper.  Glue them to the background paper so they form a V.

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Use handprints to make blossoms.

Step 3.  Attach the flowers.

Arrange the handprints into a bouquet.  When you have an arrangement you like, paste the handprints in place.  They will form the blossoms on the flowers.

A bouquet made from colored handprints

Step 4.  Add the finishing touches.

Add some leaves to the flower bunch.  You may also wish to add stickers of bees and butterflies or write a message.

Some of the most famous handprints in America are on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the TCL Chinese Theater.  Celebrities are invited to leave handprints (or footprints) and sometimes autographs as a way to honor them for their contributions to cinema.  The collection includes quite a mix of prints.  Film legends John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe left handprints and autographs here.  So has Donald Duck.  There is even a hoof print from Trigger, Roy Roger's popular palomino.



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