This wreath is easy enough for older kids to make by themsleves if you supervise the cutting.  Younger children can help trace and glue.  We like to mix up shades of green so we get our paper from designer paper packs .  You can use green and red construction paper as well.  You can also make the bow from ribbon instead of paper.

You will need:

1.  A piece of cardboard, about 8 inches square

2.  Green paper

3.  Red paper

4.  A pencil

5.  Scissors

6.  Glue

7.  A hole punch

8.  String or ribbon to hand the wreath

 A finished wreath
 The cardboard ring at the base of the wreath 1.  Cut a doughnut shaped piece of cardboard, about 8 inches around.  We traced around the edge of plate for the outer circle and then traced around a bowl for the inner circle.  You can cut the circles out with scissors but a serrated knife will work better on the cardboard.
 Handprints cut from green paper. 2.  On the green paper, trace several handprints and cut them out.  You can use all one color of green or mix up colors of green. 
 The handprints glued to the ring to form foilage. 3.  Glue the handprints to the cardboard ring, overlapping them slightly.
 Making the ribbon. 4.  For the bow, cut a strip of paper about twelve inches long and two inches thick.  Fold it into a ring and glue or tape the ends together.  Keeping the glued section in the middle of the back, gently flatten the ring.
 A red bow made from paper.  5.  Trim the ring into a bow shape.  Wrap a strip of paper around the middle and tape or glue it into place on the back.
 A finished wreath.  6.  Attach the bow to the wreath.
  More Holiday Crafts
 A wreath hanging on a door.  7.  Punch a hole in the top of the wreath and add a ribbon loop so you can hang up your wreath.

Wreaths of all sorts appear on doorways during the Christmas season.  They are often made from evergreen branches or holly, since these plants keep their bright colors through the winter.   However, you can make a wreath from pine cones, grass, vines, or even gingerbread men or wrapped presents. 


The whole family will enjoy making these rustic burlap ornaments. They will add a touch of homemade charm to your Christmas tree.

"Whittle" plain soap into a festive holiday bar. Soap is soft enough to shape easily and this is a good project for kids because you don't need a sharp knife to cut the soap.

This angel is made from colored popsicle sticks, and is a perfect craft to do with your children.