Handprint Butterfly

Tiny handprint wings make this butterfly especially cute.  If you don't feel like cutting and pasting, you can also make the handprints with fingerpaints.  You can decorate the wings once you have the butterfly assembled.

 You will need:

1.  Colored construction paper

2.  Brown or black construction paper

3.  Googly eyes

4.  A pencil

5.  Scissors

6.  Glue


 A butterfly with handprints for wings
 Two handprints cut from orange paper

 Step 1.  Make the handprints.

Trace two handprints onto colored construction paper.  Cut them out.

 Two handprints pasted together to make wings.

 Step 2.  Make the butterfly's wings.

Glue the handprints onto a background with the bottom of the palms touching and the fingers pointing outward.

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 A paper body for a butterfly.

 Step 3.  Make the butterfly's body.

Cut a strip of black or brown paper about six inches long and 1/2 - 1 inch wide.  Cut the top part into two antennea about two inches long.  Roll the antennae with a pencil and bend them outward slightly.

A butterfly with handprints for wings

Step 4.  Finish the butterfly.

Paste the butterfly's body into place.  Finish with two googly eyes and a smile.

Monarch butterflys are easily recognized by their vivid orange and black coloring.  Like many birds, these butterflys fly south in the winter and then return to the northern climates in the spring.  Interestingly, no butterfly makes the complete journey.  One generation flies south, reproduces and dies.  It is an entirely new generation that soars northward the next year.  Scientists find it fascinating that the butterflies follow the same route as their parents although they have never traveled over it before.  How do the butterflys know where to go? 


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This butterfly's wings are made from two brightly colored handprints. Just add the body and antennae to make an adorable butterfly!

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