Handprint and Footprint Turkey for Thanksgiving

If you've always liked tracing hands and making them into little turkeys for Thanksgiving, you will love this craft.  It is great to do with children who are starting to outgrow the simple handprint turkey, but you still get the cuteness of little hands and feet.  

You will need:

1.  Red, yellow, orange, and brown construction paper

2.  A pencil

3.  Scissors

4.  Glue

5.  A black marker or googly eyes

  Step 1.  Trace your right hand onto three pieces of colore paper and your left hand onto three pieces of colored paper.  Cut all the handprints out.
 A foot cut out of brown construction paper Step 2.  Trace your foot onto the brown paper and cut it out.
 A face on the footprint turns it into a turkey Step 3.  Add eyes and a beak to your turkey.  You can use googly eyes or just draw the eyes with a pen, pencil, or marker.
  Step 4.  Paste the handprints into a fan shape.  Paste the footprint on the front of the fan.

Construction paper is a great staple of the craft world.  Who hasn't made paper chains, learned to cut and paste, or drawn a kindergarten masterpiece on construction paper?  Construction paper is set apart from other papers by its stiff texture and color.  These come from the manufacturing method.  Construction paper is made from coarse pulp and the pulp is dyed before it is formed into paper.  Although cheap and convenient for kiddie crafts, construction paper rapidly grows brittle and the colors fade so it is best used for temporary crafts and works of art.


These tasty turkeys are made with cookies, candy, and frosting. Kids love making this Thanksgiving craft almost as much as they enjoy eating it when it is finished.

Every refrigerator needs a handprint turkey for Thanksgiving. Here is one that is a little bit different from the classic hand print cut out, but just as cute.

This clever stand-up version of a hand-print turkey adds some flair with tail feathers.