Stained Glass Jello

This Jello desert has beautiful Halloween colors.  It looks impossible to make, but it is really quite easy.  You can cut the Jello into Halloween shapes with cookie cutters, just cut it into squares, or cut out a pumpkin or other Halloween shape.  Once you know how to make stained glass jello, try to make it with other colors for another holiday! 

You will need:

One package each of purple and green jello

Two packages of orange jello

Two packages of unflavored gelatin

One can of sweetened, condensed milk

Three or four small bowls or tupperware containers

Orange food dye or red and yellow food dye

Three colors of Jello with a Halloween color theme

1.  Make the colored jello.

Put each package of the purple, green, and orange jello into a small bowl.  Add one cup of boiling water to each bowl.  Stir each for about one minute, until the jello is completely dissolved.  Put them in the refrigerator and let them set over night.


Small squares of colored jello arranged in a pan

2.  Cut the "stained glass" pieces.

Cut the colored Jello into small squares.  Spread the squares in a 9 x 13 dish.

A pan full of stained glass jello

3.  Finish the Jello.

Dissolve the unflavored gelatin in a cup of boiling water.  Let it cool slightly and then add the sweetened condensed milk.  When this mixture is cool to the touch, add the orange food dye.  Then pour the mixture into the 9 x 13 pan.  Put the pan in the refrigerator until it is set.

A pumpkin made from stained glass jello

4.  Arrange the Jello.

Cut the Jello into squares or cut out shapes with cookie cutters.  You can cut out a large pumpkin.  There are many ways to serve the broken glass Jello!

Jell-O is actually brand name, but it is so popular that the word Jell-O is often used to genericly describe any gelatin dessertGelatin comes from collagen, which comes from the skin and bones of animals.  Making gelatin used to involve boiling animal parts and then cooling the liquid and skimming of the jelly like goo that formed.  Thank goodness that powdered gelatin was invented, making it easy and fun to make gelatin dishes!


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