Painted Halloween Spider Web Cookies

We love making these spider web cookies with kids.  Use a paintbrush and thin frosting to "paint" the design on the cookies.    It makes a wonderful Halloween art project.  When you are finished, you get to eat the cookies!

 You will need:

Cookie dough

A round or roundish cookie cutter

Powdered sugar and water

A clean paintbrush



 Step 1.

Use your favorite sugar or gingerbread cookie recipe.  Cut out cookies using a round or scalloped cookie cutter.  Bake the cookies and let them cool completely.

Meanwhile, mix powdered sugar and water to make a thin frosting.  It should be the consistency of paint.

 Step 2.

Paint a cross on the cookie and then put an X over the cross.

 Step 3.  Make two circles or octagons over the cross and X.  This will make the spider web.  Make the circles slightly uneven for a realistic look.

Keep your cookies in an airtight container in the fridge until you are ready to eat them.  Enjoy!

Did you know that spiders use two kinds of silken threads to build their webs?  They use a sticky silk for much of the web.  This silk traps the insects.  They also use a non-sticky thread that the spiders can walk on without becoming caught in their own webs.  As long as the spider walks on the right thread, it can safely move around the web to attack its prey or maintain the web.


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