Halloween Handprint Placemats

Are you looking for kid's crafts for Halloween?  This placemat set is a fun family craft.  Older kids can help cut and glue, and younger kids can help with the handprints and painting.  Be creative with this Halloween craft!  You can add bats or ghosts, one for each child.  You can paint more detail into the background.  We include patterns to help you make the backgrounds, but you can easily cut or paint other designs.  Let the kids share their ideas and have fun!  If you don't have contact paper or are short on time, hang the finished pictures on the wall instead of using them for placemats.

A set of four halloween placemats with handprints

You will need:

A sheet of blue or purple paper for each placemat.

Scraps of orange, green, black, and yellow paper.

Black and white paint and paintbrushes

Four sheets of orange paper (For the frames)

Contact paper (To cover the placemats)

Scissors, glue, and tape

Bat place mat pattern
, Spider place mat pattern, Cat placemat pattern, Ghost_placemat_pattern


Step 1.  Cut out background figures.

Use the patterns to cut out all the pieces you need.

Items cut from paper to make a placemat set


Step 2.  Paste together the backgrounds.

Bat placemat backgroundUse the tree and the moon for the bat placemat.

Spider placemat backgroundUse the large webs for the spider placemat.

Cat placemat background
Use the fence and the moon for the cat placemat.
Ghost placemat backgroundAssemble the pumpkin in one corner and glue the small web in another corner for the ghost placemat.


Step 3.  Add the handprint figures.

A handprint bat
To make the bat, make two handprints.  Overlap the palms slightly, keep you finger together, and point your thumbs up.
A handprint spider
To make the spider, don't put paint on your thumbs.  Make two handprints.  Overlap your palms slightly and open your fingers.
A handprint cat
To make the cat, make one handprint with all the fingers spread out. 

Two handprint ghosts

To make the ghosts, make a handprint with white paint.  Spread all your fingers out.


Step 4.  Add the finishing details.

The finished handrpint batGive the bat ears and eyes.  The finished handprint spiderAdd two big eyes on the spider.

The finished handprint cat
Paint a head and face on the black cat. 


The finished handprint ghosts
Give your ghosts eyes and mouths and add a spider to the web.  Put a face on the pumpkin.  Write BOO in the upper corner.

Step 5.  Frame the placemats.

Cut the orange paper into strips about 1 1/2 inches wide.  You need four strips for each placemat.  Tape or glue a strip to the top and bottom of each placemat and then tape or glue a strip to the sides of each placemat.  Trim away any extra paper.


The finished handprint ghosts

Step 6.  Cover the placemats with contact paper.

Cut contact paper so it is big enough to cover the front and the back of the placemat, plus about 1 1/2 inches for margins.

Peel the back of the contact paper and lay it on a flat surface.  Put the placemat, face down, on one side of the contact paper.  Leave about 1/4 inch of extra contact paper at the edge.

Fold the placemat over so the back is on the other side of the contact paper.  Press down firmly to get out any air bubbles, and then trim away any excess contact paper.  Leave about 1/8 inch of contact paper around the edge.

Covering the spider placemat with contact paper

Step 7.  Enjoy your Halloween handprint placemats.

Set your table.  You will have a cute Halloween background for your meals.

Placemats with Halloween pictures


Make a whole swarm of these paper bats and hang them from the ceiling or in a window for an awesome Halloween craft vibe.

The amazing colors make this Halloween desert stand out! It is easier than it looks.

Turn your favorite jellos and puddings into Jack o' Lanterns, Frankensteins, and bats.