Glowing Halloween Ghost

This ghost is a quick and easy Halloween decoration.  Do make sure you use battery powered candles to light the ghost.  There isn't enough ventilation for a real candle and the fabric is flammable.

You will need:

White fabric cut in a semi-circle with a 20 inch diameter

A toilet paper roll

A hole punch

A straw

A small balloon

Wax paper

Fabric stiffener

A small battery powered candle

A Halloween ghost that flickers and glows
White fabric cut into a half circle

Step 1.  Cut your fabric.

Cut white cotton fabric into circles about 20 inches across.  Cut each circle in half.  You need one half circle for each ghost.

 A toilet paper rool with a hole punched in the top

Step 2.  Punch holes in the toilet paper rolls.

Punch two holes into each toilet paper roll, one on each side.

 Two molds for Halloween ghosts

 Step 3.  Add "heads" and "arms" to the toilet paper rolls.

Cut a straw in half and slide the straw through the holes in the toilet paper roll.  Blow up a balloon just a little and put it on top of the toilet paper roll.  Use tape to keep the straw and ballon in place.

Stand up each toilet paper roll on a sheet of wax paper.

 Soaking fabric in fabric stiffener

Step 4.  Soak the fabric in fabric stiffener.

Pour some fabric stiffener into a small bowl.  Dip in the fabric and make sure it gets completely saturated.

 Draping the fabric

Step 5.  Shape the ghost.

Wrap the fabric around the mold, putting the seam in the back.  The fabric will be heavy and sticky, so you can arrange the folds and drapes however you like.

Let the ghost dry out completely.

 The finished ghost

Step 6.  Remove the ghost from the mold.

Slide scissors up into the ghost and cut the straws.  Cut, tug, pull, and tear until you can remove all of the toilet paper roll, straws, and balloon.  The fabric should be stiff enough to stand on its own.

Using the glowing ghost

Step 7.  Light up the ghost.

When you are ready to use the ghost, just turn on a battery powered candle and set the ghost down on top of it.  You can put the candle up on a small block for a slightly different look.



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