Halloween Bat Made with Starched String

Make a few spooky bat ornaments this Halloween.  Dangle them in your window or make a bat garland.  This bat is made with starched string and will last for years.  If you like, add googly eyes and fangs.

You will need:

The bat pattern

Black cotton string


Fabric stiffener

Wax paper

A bulletin board




 Step 1.

Print out the pattern.  Put it on the bulletin board and cover it with wax paper.  Outline the pattern with pins, placed about 1/2 inch apart all the way around.

 Step 2.

Unravel about two feet of the cotton string.  Dip it in the fabric stiffener.  Then loop it back and forth between the pins.  When it is almost used up, unroll another two feet.  Repeat the dipping and wrapping between the pins until the pattern is covered.  Then use the thread to outline the bat.  Let the ornament dry overnight.

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 Step 3. 

Carefully remove the pins.  Add a loop of thread at the top of the bat so you can hang him in a window or from a garland.  If you like, you could glue on googly eyes or fangs.

Bats are amazing animals.  They are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and hunting at night.  Bats can track and capture insects in the dark using echolocation.  A single bat can consume several thousand small insects in one night!  They are so good at reducing populations of mosquitoes and other insects that many people build special homes to encourage bats to live near them.



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