Pinecone Ornament

Pinecones make pretty homemade Christmas ornaments.  Collect a few cones during the fall and save them to make gilded Christmas ornaments.  You can decorate them to match any color scheme.

A gilded pinecone ornament hanging on a Christmas tree

You will need:


Gold spray paint

1 inch wide red and godl ribbon

1/4 inch red ribbon

1/4 inch gold ribbon

A glue gun

Floral wire or a long twist tie

Step 1.  Paint the pinecone.

Wrap a piece of wire around the cone.  In a well ventilated place, preferably outdoors, hold the wire while you spray the cone.  Then hang the pinecone up to dry.  When the paint is dry, remove the wire.

A pinecone spray painted gold.

Step 2.  Cut the ribbon.

Cut a piece of wide ribbon about six inches long.  Fold the ends into the center.  Cut a piece of gold ribbon about eight inches long and lay it over the wide ribbon.  Cut a piece of red ribbon and a piece of gold ribbon about six inches long.  Tie them around the center of the wide ribbon, to be a knot on the bow.

Red and gold ribbon

Step 3.  Make the bow.

Tie the red and gold ribbon into bows.  Use the extra piece of gold ribbon to make a loop, which you will use to hang up the ornament.  Put a drop of hot glue under the knots to keep them from shifting or coming untied.

Arranging ribbon to make a bow for a pinecone ornament

Step 4. Attach the bow to the pinecone.

Use hot glue to attach the finished bow to the top of the pinecone.  As soon as the glue cools, you can hang up your ornament.

A pinecone ornament

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