Heart and Bird Clay Ornaments

You can make these ornaments from clay or salt dough.  Once the clay is dry, simply spray paint them with metallic paint.  Hearts and birds make lovely ornaments, but you could easily make other shapes as well. 

 You will need:

1.  Salt dough

2.  Bird pattern

3.  Gold and silver spray paint

4.  A small amount of ribbon

Step 1.

Roll the salt dough into long, skinny strips, about 1/4 of and inch thick.

To make the bird, lay a strip of clay along the template.  Pinch the corners and the beak.

To make the heart, simply lay the dough into a heart shape.

Let the dough dry over night, or dry it in an oven at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours.  (Drying times may vary.) 


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 Step 2.

Dangle the hearts from a piece of ribbon and coat them with gold paint.  Let the paint dry.   If necessary, do a second coat.  The salt dough is slightly porous, so you might get uneven color with just one coat. 

Finish the ornament with a fresh piece of ribbon and hang it on your tree!

 Step 3.

Spray paint the bird ornaments silver.  When the paint is dry, add a second coat if necessary.  Tie a bit of ribbon on the bird and use it to decorate for Christmas.

Every year, thousands of volunteers participate in the Christmas Bird Count.  Between December 14th and January 5th, volunteers count certain birds in their area and send their figures to the Audubon Society.  This annual count has run for more than 100 years and allows the Audubon Society to track increases, decreases, and demises of bird populations all over the country.



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