Pasta Christmas Ornament

Get out the glue and pull some pasta out of the cupboard.  There are endless ways to arrange the pasta to make beautiful ornaments.  When you are finished, spray paint the pasta arrangments to make gorgeous gold and silver ornaments.

You will need:

1.  Elbow macaroni and shell pasta

2.  Hot glue or a strong craft glue

3.  Metallic spray paint

4.  A small amount of ribbon

 Step 1.

Take twelve pieces of macaroni.  Glue them together to make six little circles.

Step 2.

Now glue those little circles into a bigger circle. 

Step 3.

Glue a shell pasta between each of the small circles.  Let the glue dry. 

Step 4.

Spray paint your ornament a gold or silver color.  We like to use a bit of wire to hang the ornament up. Spray on a good coat of paint and then let the ornament hang outside while it drys. 

Step 5.

Finish the ornament by gluing on a loop of ribbon so that you can hang the ornament on the Christmas tree. 

Many families use pasta as a staple for quick, tasty meals.  The many varieties of dried pasta, available in grocery stores, make it inexpensive and easy to put together a delicious spaghetti or fettucine dinner.  This wasn't always the case.  Pasta isn't exactly complicated to make: it only has three ingredients. It is time comsuming, however.  It involves mixing, kneading, resting, and shaping.  Not so long ago, that pot of steaming spaghetti was the product of lots of time and work!


Add this tiny Christmas mouse to your tree this year! It only takes minutes to crochet.

The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. This crocheted flower is a colorful touch on a tree or garland or even on a key chain or brooch!

Coffee dough gives these ornaments a beautiful and unusual texture.