Gift Card Holder

Gift cards make wonderful gifts, but they are, well, a little impersonal.  So add a charming touch and tuck the gift card away in one of these home made holders.

You will need:

1.  The gift card holder pattern

2.  A sheet of card stock

3.  A paper cutter

4.  An X-ACTO Knife

A yellow and a blue
Cut out a shape.  It will look like a tall house 1.  Place the pattern over the card stock, and use a paper cutter or X-ACTO knife to cut out the shape.
The card is folded into an envelope shape 2.  Score the two fold lines, bend them in, crease, and then open again.
The slits are cut 3.  Hold the pattern in place with firm pressure and use your X-ACTO knife to cut the four corner slits and the slit to hold the flap of the envelope in place.
A gift card is inserted 4.  Insert the gift card by tucking the corners into the four slits.  You may have to make the slits a little bit bigger if the card fits snugly and won't lie flat.  Add a personal message if you wish. 
The card closed, the end tucked in, and the present is ready 5.  Fold the bottom flap up, and the top flap over and tuck the end in.  You have a cute little envelope for your gift card.

Gift cards are relatively new to the gift giving world, debuting in the mid-nineties.  Various forms of credit and gift certificates were around before this, but Blockbuster is credited with making the first plastic, credit card like gift card that is so popular today.  Consumers have a love and hate relationship with these little cards.  Some praise them for their ease and flexibility.  There is no need to worry about size, color, and taste, and they are easy to send in the mail.  For this very reason, some people despise them.  They see them as cold, impersonal gifts.  Love them or hate them, they are tremendously popular, with shoppers purchasing billions of dollars worth of gift cards each year.


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