Halloween Ghost Decorations

Adults and kids will have fun making these ghostly ornaments.  They are made from old rags or mismatched socks so make a bunch!

You will need:

1.  A large rag, old sock, or fabric

2.  A half cup of sand or sugar

3.  A needle

4.  Strong white thread or dental floss

5.  A permanent marker (optional)

 Little ghost hanging in a tree
 Rags and a sock next to a spool of thread and a cup of sand 1.  If you are using old rags or fabric, cut them into circles or squares at least 16 inches across.
 The head of the ghost is formed by tying the sand in place  2.  Pour about one half cup of sand onto the middle of the circle or square or into the toe of the sock.  Gather the edges around the sand and form it into a tight ball.  Tightly tie the sand in place.
 Three ghost styles  3.  Trim the edges of the ghost.  You can cut the dangling fabric into strips.   Here are some of the ways your ghost might look.
 Add eyes and a mouth  4.  If you want your ghost to have a face, draw one with a permanent marker.
 A needle and yellow thread putting a loop on the ghost's head  5.  Using your needle and thread, add a loop of thread on top of the ghost's head.  Tie the ends together about 3 inches above the top of the ghost's head. 

Halloween as we know it takes on bits of many cultures and practices.  Halloween may orginate from ancient holidays honoring the dead, but it came to be called Halloween in the 7th century.  It was first celebrated as All Hallows Eve, the sacred vigil of All Saints' Day, a special feast day in the Catholic Church.  All Saints' Day is followed by All Souls Day, when people remebered and prayed for their deceased family and friends.  Since the holiday is associated with death, it is no wonder it  has taken on some creepy elements and has associations with darkness, fear, and ghosts.


Make this spooky little ghost with tulle and fabric stiffener. Then spray it with glow-in-the-dark paint and put the finished ghost in any dark corner or window for an other worldly glow!

Use a common gingerbread man cookie cutter to make this Halloween treat

Turn your favorite jellos and puddings into Jack o' Lanterns, Frankensteins, and bats.