Starched String Ornament

This ornament is quite easy to make and is a cute addition to any modern tree.  You could use colored string for a sassy touch.  Kids can make this decoration with a little supervision although things can get a little sticky.  Cover your work area and keep damp towels handy to wipe off sticky fingers.

You will need:

1.  A toilet paper or paper towel tube 

2.  Wax paper

3.  White cotton string

4.  Fabric stiffener

5.  A paint brush and a paper towel

6.  Ribbon and beads (optional)

A finished ornament decorated with beads
A cardboard tube covered with wax paper 1.  Wrap the cardboard tube in wax paper and tape the wax paper in place.
A cardboard tube wrapped with string 2.  Tape the end of the string onto the tube.  Wrap the sting around the tube randomly until it forms a pattern you like.  Make sure that the string overlaps in places.
Putting the stiffener onto the string 3.  Dip the paintbrush into the fabric stiffener and dab it onto the string.  Continue until all the string is completely coated in stiffener.  Use the paper towel to dab away any excess stiffener.  Set the ornament aside until the stiffener is dry.
The finished ornament 4.  Twist, tug and peel the tube and wax paper out of the string ornament.  Add a piece of ribbon and hang your ornament on the tree.
Pictures of beautiful Christmas ornaments made with starched stringMore Christmas Crafts made with Starched String
 Glued on beads 5.  If you like, glue beads or other decorations onto the ornament.

The first decorated Christmas tree was probably in Germany and may or may not have belonged to Martin Luther.  Although some legends attribute the custom of tree decorating to him, it is far from certain.  However, who ever first decided to hang ornaments on a tree must have been brilliant.  The tree was beautiful enough to inspire others to decorate their own trees and it soon became a custom in much of the world.  Today, over 80 million Christmas trees are used each year in the United States and Europe.


This old fashioned technique makes beautiful Easter eggs.

Use salt dough or clay to make this little snowman and give him a scarf in a bright color. He is a perfect ornament for your tree.

You can make this shiny sun catcher with just a few safety pins, glass beads, and wire. Use it as a sun-catcher in the summer or a Christmas ornament in the winter.