Footprint Fingerpaint Creatures

These little creatures are a fantastic fingerpainting project, except that you use your feet!  Make sure you cover the work area with newspaper and then have a wonderful time foot stomping away. 

You will need:

1.  Cardstock or sturdy paper for the background

2.  Fingerpaints or other non-toxic, washable paint

3.  Paintbrushes

4.  Dishes to hold the paint, if you wish to dip your feet into the paint.  You can also brush the paint onto your feet.

5.  Water and rags or paper towels to wipe off feet and paintbrushes

6.  Newspaper to cover your work area

 Three adorable footprint creatures: a whale, and monkey, and a pink monster
 A yellow fish made with a footprint

Footprint Whale or Fish

1.  Brush your foot with paint or dip it into paint.  Make a sideways footprint.  Let the print dry and then add a face and fins.

A brown footprint monkey 

Footprint Monkey or Bear

1.  Brush your foot with brown paint or dip it into the paint.  Make an upside down footprint.  Let the print dry slightly and then paint on the face and the tail. 

To make the bear, simply paint on a short tail instead of a long curly one.

A pink spotted monster 

Footprint monster

1.  Brush you foot with pink paint or dip your foot into the paint.  Make an upside down footprint.  Allow the print to dry slightly and then paint on the spots and the face.

Did you know that a detective can look at your footprint and tell how tall you are?  You can too.  Measure how long your footprint is.  It should be about 15% of your height.  This doesn't always work, but it is usually close. 

Another interesting foot fact:  your foot is as long as your arm between your wrist and elbow.   Most people won't believe this when you tell them, but with a little agility you can prove that it is so.  Tuck your heel into your elbow and, believe it or not, your big toe will just touch your wrist.  This is true for almost everyone.


This butterfly's wings are made from two brightly colored handprints. Just add the body and antennae to make an adorable butterfly!

These "popsicles" are tasty and suitable for a snowy day.

Use a few simple fold to create a 3-D flower. Use it to decorate a card for Mother's Day or a birthday.