Origami Paper Cup

This cup can be folded up in seconds, and you can make it any size or color.  It is sturdy and will hold candy or other small items.  You can make one with wax paper or aluminum foil if you want to use it to hold liquid.  This is a great project to make for introducing kids to origami.  The pattern is simple and there aren't a lot of folds.  Plus, kids have great fun filling and using their cups.

You will need:

1.  A square of paper, any size.  The bigger the paper, the bigger the cup.  We used a six inch square to make our cup.

2.  Tape or glue (optional).

3.  Candy or small items to stuff the cup, if desired.

A paper cup filled with M & Ms
A sqaure of colored paper, folded in half to make a triangle 1.  Fold the paper in half diagonally.
Folding a corner to form a side 2.  Pick up one of the bottom corners and fold it over so it touches the other edge or the triangle.  Crease it into place.  If desired, you can glue or tape it in place.
Folding the paper to form the other side 3.  Repeat with the other bottom corner.
Folding down the top flap 4.  Take the top of the triangle, using only the front flap, and fold it down over the edge or the other folds.  Crease the fold firmly and if desired you can glue or tape the flap in place.
Folding the back flap to finish the cup 5.  Turn the cup over.  Take the top flap and fold it down, just as you did in front of the cup.
Opening the finished cup 6.  Gently insert your finger between the top folded flaps to open the cup. 

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper.  There are hundreds of beautiful patterns, some quite complex, used to create paper flowers, animals, and geometric shapes.  Traditionally, no glue or tape is used to hold the paper in place.   Children love origami, but it is best to have them begin with very simple patterns, such as this cup, or they can become frustrated trying to understand all the folds and creases.  They can then move on to more complex patterns, which require more patience and precision.


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