Handprint Turkey

Many parents and teachers make hand print turkeys as a Thanksgiving craft.  Here is a fun turkey to make with hands and fingerpaints.  Make sure you cover your work area, though.  This can get messy!

You will need:

1.  Red, yellow, orange, and brown fingerpaints

2.  Water and paper towels to clean your hands

2.  White paper for the background

3.  Googly eyes or a black marker

4.  A little piece of yellow paper for the beak

5.  Newpapers or plastic tablecloths to cover your work area

A tukey print on a refrigerator door
A fan shape made with handprints 1.  Make an orange handprint in the middle of the paper.  Clean your hand.  Make a red handprint with your right hand to one side of the orange print and a yellow print with your left hand on the other side.  This will make a fan shape for the turkey's tail.
A foot print over the handprints 2.  Make a brown foot print in the middle of the fan.  This is the turkey's body.
A turkey with a cute face 3.  Draw on the turkey's eyes with a marker and glue on googly eyes.  Cut a small triangle out of the yellow paper and glue it on to be the turkey's beak.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin thought the turkey should be the United States' national bird?  Although the turkey lost that honor to the eagle, it is certainly the star of Thanksgiving.  Turkeys are used in decorations of all kinds and for many Americans, turkey is the main course of the Thanksgiving feast.


"Whittle" plain soap into a festive holiday bar. Soap is soft enough to shape easily and this is a good project for kids because you don't need a sharp knife to cut the soap.

Handprint critters are a perfect way to decorate cards or pictures for Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. They make cute personalized classroom decorations, too.

Cut Rice Krispy Treats into blocks and build a castle for a fun summer time treat.