Penguin Christmas Present Topper

This cute penguin is a wonderful Christmas craft for kids.  You can make it with felt, foam board, or even construction paper.  For younger children, you can cut out the pieces and they can glue the penguin together.  Older children can do the cutting for themselves.  Use it to decorate presents of hang it on your tree!

You will need:

White felt

Black felt

Orange felt

Googly eyes

Pink felt

A pink pompom

A small piece of ribbon (for hanging)

Scissors & glue 

Step 1.

Cut out all the pieces.  You will need a black oval for the body, a large white heart for the body, two medium black hearts for the wings, two medium orange hearts for the feet, and a small orange heart for the beak.

Step 2. 

Glue the white heart to the black oval.  Add the beak, feet, and eyes. 

 Step 3.

Finish the penguin by giving him or her wings and a warm winter hat.  Glue on a small loop of ribbon so you can hang your penguin on the tree.  Let the glue dry.  Your little penguin is finished!

Penguins may look cute and cuddly, but they can be tough birds!  For example, Emperor penguins live near the brutally cold South Pole, enduring weeks of blistering cold without sunlight.  The males tend the eggs in temperatures as low as -75 degrees celsius while the females go hunting for food.  The females travel across the ice for miles in order to bring food back for their young.


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