Felt Christmas Tree Candy Holder

You don't need to sew to make this candy holder.  That makes this a great project to do with a group of children.  Or make a batch yourself to use as little gifts!  Fill them with a favorite candy or even a small gift.

You will need:

Green felt

Yellow felt

The felt tree pattern

Green, yellow, blue, and red puffy paint

Liquid stitch or hot glue



Step 1.  Cut two trees and one bottom from green felt.  Cut the star from the yellow felt.

Step 2.  Outline the star with yellow puff paint.  Outline the tree with green puff paint.  Decorate it with the red, yellow, and blue puff paints.

Cut a slit in the back of the tree so you can put in the candy.

Let the puff paints dry completely.

Felt Penguin Present Topper

Step 3.  Use liquid stitch or hot glue to glue the front of the tree to the back of the tree.  Put a line of glue around the bottom and press the top part of the tree in place.  Trim away any excess felt.
Step 4.  Fill the tree with little candies.  Use it as a gift or a decoration!

Felt is made from fibers that are pressed together instead of woven together.  That is why it doesn't fray or unravel.  It is also thick and durable, making it the perfect fabric for sturdy, no-sew crafts.


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