Leaf Templates

Cut these leaves from colored paper for quick and easy fall decorations.  Then hang them so they flutter in your window or put them on your table for an autumn touch.

You will need:

1.  The falling leaves pattern

2.  Red, yellow, brown, and orange paper

3.  Scissors

4.  Thread

5.  Tape or glue dots

 The leaves hanging in a window
 Autumn leaves cut from colored paper 1.  Cut several of each leaf from each color of paper.  If you plan to hang them in a window, you will want about three leaves for each foot of window.  So if your window is four feet wide, cut twelve leaves.
 Add thread so you can hang the leaves 2.  Cut threads of various lengths and tape or glue them to the back of the leaves.
 The leaves hanging in a window 3.  Arrange the leaves so they hang in your window.  Enjoy their color and gentle fluttering!

The red, yellow, and orange leaves of autumn are a sign that the trees are preparing to go dormant for the winter.  As days grow shorter and nights grow cooler, trees know it is time to "rest."  They stop making chlorophyll, which they use during the summer to produce food from photosynthesis.  This chlorophyll is what makes the leaves green.  As the green starts to fade, we start to see orange and yellow coloring.  It has been present in the trees all along, but was covered by the green.  Red is made from the glucose trapped in leaves, which turns to a deeper hue when the weather begins to cool.


Use corn husks to make an old-fashioned wreath for Fall.

This autumn leaf pattern makes a quick and easy decoration for the fall season.

Add a beautiful glow to your home this fall with this "stained glass" candle holder. Shhh.... It's really made from paper and crayons.