Easy Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are towering, wedding-like confections.  But their layers are made from diapers instead of cake and they are usually decorated with paper and small baby items instead of frosting.  They make wonderful centerpieces for baby showers.  This cake is a simple, two layer cake.  However, you want something bigger or more elaborate, it is easy to add layers and decorations.

You will need:

Approximately 30 diapers

An eight inch bowl, cake pan, or pan

A six inch bowl, cake pan, or pan

String or ribbon

Colored paper

A stapler


A small stuffed animal

A two layer diaper cake
Filling a bowl with diapers to make a diaper cake.

Step 1.  Stuff the diapers into the pan to form a layer.

Place the diapers around the outer edge of the eight inch pan, pulling the open edges into the middle.  Overlap them.

Almost filled.

Step 2.  Fill in the layer.

Keep placing the diapers around.  You will have to curl the ends in the middle and squeeze them tightly.  Keep fitting diapers in until the pan is full and the outer edge is lined with the folded edges of diapers.

The diapers when you remove them from the pan.

Step 3.  Fasten the layer.

Turn the pan over and slip it off the diapers.  As you can see from the picture the diapers will start to spread out and the layer will begin to look messy.  Don't panic!  Just take a long piece of string or ribbon, wrap it around the layer and tie it tightly.  The diapers will fold back into place.

A layer of a diaper cake.

Step 4.  Make the second layer.

Repeat these steps in the six inch pan to make the second layer of the cake.

Adding paper trim to hold the layer together.

Step 5.  Add the paper trimming.

Cut the colored paper into strips that are two inches wide.  Staple these strips together so that they are long enough to wrap around the cake.  Wrap a strip of paper tightly around the bottom of the cake and staple it in place.  Remove the ribbon or string that was holding the layer together. 

A blue and white diaper cake.

Step 6.  Assemble the cake.
When you are ready to display the cake, stack the layers.  Top the cake with a small stuffed animal.

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