Cheeto Carrot Craft

These giant carrots are an extremely easy Easter craft - perfect for young children!   Even older kids will enjoy stuffing the carrots.  We used Cheetos but you can use anything orange.  Try cheese crackers or Reeses Pieces.  And these carrots make wonderful little Easter gifts!

You will need:

1.  Disposable frosting bags

2.  Cheetos

3.  Green ribbon

4.  Scissors

Giant Cheeto carrots in a basket
 Filling a bag with Cheetos 1.  Fill a frosting bag about 3/4 full with Cheetos.
 Tie with green ribbon  2.  Twist the top together and tie it with green ribbon.
 Giant Cheeto carrots in a basket 3.  Make as many "carrots" as you like.  Stuff them in baskets or give them as gifts.

Do rabbits really like carrots?  Rabbits like most vegetables but they usually prefer the leafy green tops of carrots to the orange root.   A bunny nibbling in a garden would have difficulty digging up the root.  Carrots are, in fact, rather sugary and it would not be healthy for a rabbit to eat just carrots.  Still, when we think "rabbit" we think "carrot" so carrots make good Easter decorations and treats.


This craft illustrates how to use rubber bands to make striped Easter eggs.

Use plastic eggs to mold Krispy Treats into Easter eggs. Fill them with jelly beans for a special treat.

Jelly bean eggs rest in a delicious cookie basket.