Dyed Pasta

Brightly colored pasta is easy to make although you will need to allow some time for soaking and drying.  Once you have your noodles brilliantly tinted, you can use them to make bracelets and necklaces, glue them down to make pictures, or use them for sorting and counting activities.

You will need:

1.  Assorted noodles

2.  Rubbing alchohol

3.  Food coloring

4.  Ziploc bags

5.  A cookie sheet or wax paper

Brightly colored noodles in a jar
Rubbing alcohol and food dye 1.  You will need one re-sealable bag for each color of pasta.  Take the first bag and prop it open in a small bowl or a measuring cup.  Put in 1/4 cup of rubbing alchohol.  Add the food coloring.
Pasta in a bag with yellow dye 2.  Add one cup of pasta.  Seal the bag and shake it or rub it until the noodles are all covered in the dye mix.  Set the bag aside.   Use other bags to make other colors.
Pasta drying on a sheet of wax paper 3.  Set the bags aside for at least an hour, turning them over occasionally so the color is evenly distributed.  The longer you let the bags of pasta sit, the darker the color of the finished pasta will be.  When the pasta is a nice, rich color, carefully open the bags.  Pour out any extra dye and spread the pasta on a cookie sheet or wax paper to dry.
Pasta in a muffin tin 4.  You can store the finished pasta indefinitely.  There are dozens of activities you do with the noodles.  Try threading onto yarn to make necklaces or bracelets, glue it to paper to make mosaics, practice counting, or sort it into piles based on color or shape.

Pasta is a simple food.  A dough is made from flour, water, salt, and eggs.  It is shaped and dried and later cooked, usually in boiling water, and served with a sauce.  Nonetheless, there is a dazzling array of noodles shapes.  Spaghetti and fettucine are long thin noodles and come in different thicknesses.  Short pastas include rotini, macaroni, farfalle, and rigatoni to name just a few of the varieties.  And yes, the shape of the pasta does affect the flavor of the dish.  Use the variety called for in the recipe!


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