Diaper Caterpillar

Diapers are a wonderfully practical gift, but there is something a little bland about handing a mother of pack of Pampers.  This diaper caterpillar is a cute way to present diapers to a new mommy.  It also makes an eye-catching decoration for a baby shower.  You can add additional links to the caterpillar if you want to give more diapers than in the example below.

You will need:

1.  At least 20 diapers

2.  Two yards of pink ribbon

3.  Two yards of blue ribbon

4.  One pipe cleaner

5.  Two large googly eyes

6.  Rubberbands or string

7.  Scissors

A side view of the diaper caterpillar
A line of four diapers.

Step 1.  Line up the diapers.

Line up four to six diapers so they overlap except for about two inches.  The more diapers you use, the fatter each section of the caterpillar will be.  The diapers in the picture are size 2.  If you are using newborn or size 1 diapers, you will want to put five or six diapers in the line.

Diapers rolled together.

Step 2.  Roll the diapers.

Start from the open end of the diaper stack and roll the diapers together.  Hold the roll together with a rubber band or a piece of string knotted around the center.

Make five rolls.

Knotting ribbon to attach kiaper rolls together.

Step 3.  Tie the rolls together.

Lay ribbons out next to each other on a flat surface.  Take a diaper roll and put it in the middle of the ribbon.  Wrap each piece of ribbon around the diaper roll and knot the ribbon.  Put the next diaper roll adjacent to the first diaper roll, wrap the ribbon around that roll, and knot the ribbon.  Continue until all the rolls are attached.  On the last roll, make sure you knot the ribbon on the bottom of the roll so the knots don't show.

Scissors cutting rubberbands off of a diaper caterpillar.

Step 4.  Remove the rubber bands.

Snip the rubber bands and remove them.

The head and face of the diaper caterpillar.

Step 5.  Make a face for the diaper caterpillar.

Tuck a pipe cleaner under both pieces of ribbon.  Bend the ends up and then out to make antennae for the caterpillar.

A caterpillar made from diapers.

Optional - give the diaper caterpillar feet.

If desired, you can use double sided tape to attach paper feet onto the caterpillar.

The disposable diaper is a relatively new product.  For centuries, people used cloth to diaper their children or simply let the children go naked.  Disposable diapers were first patented in 1948.  Their shape, absorbency, and ease of use were improved over the years.  Today, as many as 20 billion disposable diapers are used each year in the United States. 


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