Diaper Bouquet

A diaper bouquet is a charming centerpiece at any baby shower.  It also makes a great gift for expecting parents.  Substituting a cowboy boot for the standard vase really makes this diaper bouquet stand out!  You could also use little rubber boots for an equally adorable look. 

You will need:

A small cowboy boot

Floral foam

Wooden dowels

Diapers (You can also use onesies)

String or rubber bands



Step 1.  Cut a rectangle of foam small enough to fit inside the boot.  Tuck it in the boot so the top is about one inch below the top of the boot.

Step 2. Roll diapers or onesies around the dowel rods.  Fasten them tightly with a rubberband or string.  How many you will need depends on the size of the boot and how tightly you want to arrange them.  Ten- fifteen "diaper flowers" is a good amount for most bouquets.  If desired, tie a ribbon around each flower.


Step 3.  Arrange the bouquet by pushing the end of the dowels in the foam.  You may need to cut the ends off the some of the rods to make them shorter. 

In the early 1900's there was flurry on interest in improving diapers.  Cloth diapers were manufactured in new shapes to improve fit and with several layers of varied material to improve absorbancy.  Water proof covers appeared.  Disposable diapers arrived on the scene in 1949.  These increased in popularity rapidly, and over the years, became cheaper, smaller, and more absorbant.  Although it remains cheaper to use cloth diapers, many parents prefer the disposable diapers because they are so conveniant.


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