Diaper Bassinet

This little bassient is a cute gift for a mommy-to-be.  It also makes a great babyshower decoration.  You can change the colors and finishing touches to match a boy or a girl or any theme.


You will need:




Colored paper



Ribbon or twine

 Step 1. 

Stack 12-15 diapers.  Tightly tie the stack at each end with a piece of string.


Step 2.

To make the wheels, take two diapers.  Put a long piece of string on top of each diaper.  Roll the diapers aroung the string.  Either put a rubber band around each diaper or tie them with a piece of string to keep them rolled.

Step 3.

Place the stack of diapers on top of the wheels.  Wrap the string from the wheels around the stack and tie on the wheels.

Step 4.

Roll five more diapers.  Arrang them in a pyramid and tie or rubbberband the pyramid together.

Step 5.

Put the pyramid on top of the baby carraige.  Open a diaper and spread it over the pyramid.

 Step 6.

Place a strip of paper or ribbon over the top of the open diaper.

Step 7.

Wrap another strip of ribbon or paper around the body of the baby carraige.  Glue or staple the ribbons or paper together.  Add bows or flowers for decoration.

Although babies are small, they can be heavy to carry for long distances.  So of course, the baby carraige was invented!  This lie-down design has been popularly replaced with the sit-up stroller, but the cute design is associated adorable infants.


Drop one of these "bombs" into your bath for a fizzy, fragrant soak.

This card is a perfect way to give cash. Fold a dollar bill (or a 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill) into a heart and use it to decorate the card.

An adorable gift or a decoration for a baby shower, this creeping, crawling caterpillar carries a bunch of diapers!