Denim Star Ornament

This star has a lot of country charm.  Instead of denim, you can use burlap for a different, but still rustic look.  We like shaping the star, but you can starch it a lay it flat to dry if you are short on time or working with children.

You will need:

The denim star pattern


Scissors and a few pins


Wax paper

Fabric stiffener


A small amoung of ribbon or twine


Step 1.  Cut out the mold for the star.

Use the pattern to cut the large star out of cardstock and wax paper.


Step 2.  Fold the cardstock into shape.

Fold the star in half through the tip of each point.  You will make five folds in all.

Step 2.  Shape the mold.

Now push the crease through the base of the points down and the crease through the points up to create the 3-D shape.


Step 4.  Get the mold ready.

Fold the wax paper star in the same way.  Put the wax paper over the cardstock and pin the star down so it won't move.


Step 5.  Get the denim ready.

Cut the small star pattern out of denim.  Dip it in fabric stiffener, get it thoroughly wet, and blot it.


Step 6.  Shape the denim star.

Put the denim star onto the mold and press it into shape.  Add a sprinkle of glitter if you like.   Let it dry over night.

 Step 7.  Finish the ornament.

Gently peel the star off the mold.  Add a loop of ribbon or twine and hang the star on your tree!

Levi Strauss began manufacturing jeans in the late 1800s, but the novelty of the clothing item was the riveted pockets, not the denim material used to make them.  At the time of the American Revolution, there were already factories in America making heavy blue cotton fabric.



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Handprint and Footprint Rudolph Ornament

This beautiful homemade ornament has a rustic look. It is easy enough for kids to make, but pretty enough for adults to enjoy, too.