String Ball Ornament

This is a lovely, unusual ornament.  You can use colored sting if you wish, and decorate the ornament with beads or ribbons. 

You will need:

1.  A balloon

2.  String

3.  Fabric stiffener (Available in craft stores.)

4.  10 inches of satin ribbon *

*(Start a collection of pretty, colored ribbon.  It is useful for all sorts of projects!)

A string ornament hanging on a Christmas tree 
A small green balloon  1.  Blow up a balloon until it is about 3 inches in diameter.
 A balloon next to a dish of glue  2.  Put fabric stiffener in a small dish.  Dip in the first few inches of string and tape the end of the string to the balloon.
 A small glue dish with string in the glue  3.  Bunch about 12 inches of string at a time, and dip it into the glue.  Let the glue soak in for a few seconds.  As you pull the string out, run it through your fingers to remove the excess glue.
 The balloon wrapped in string  4.  Wrap the glue dipped string around the balloon.  Leave a small hole in the bottom so you can remove the balloon later.  When you like the design, set the string and balloon aside and let the stiffener dry over night.

Six homemade ornament Christmas craftsMore String Christmas Ornament Ideas

 A popped balloon inside a ball of string  5.  Pop the balloon and remove it with tweezers.
 The finished ornament  6.  Tie a satin ribbon loop on to the ornament and hang it on your tree!

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is an old German custom, probably beginning in 16th century.  Early trees were somewhat different than ours, decorated with candles and fruit.  They were sometimes burned as part of the holiday celebrations.

Traditionally, trees were set up on Christmas Eve, and left standing during the "Twelve Days of Christmas" or twelve days of festivity following Christmas.  In the United States however, it is now common to set up trees shortly after Thanksgiving.  It is rare to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas, and trees are usually taken down shortly after Christmas. 


This beautiful homemade ornament has a rustic look. It is easy enough for kids to make, but pretty enough for adults to enjoy, too.

The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. This crocheted flower is a colorful touch on a tree or garland or even on a key chain or brooch!

These ornaments are made from a dough similar to salt dough but the recipe uses cinnamon instead of flour. The dough exudes a spicy, delightful fragrance.