Dangling Hearts

Hang these whimsical hearts on your door or in a window for Valentine's Day.  The felt hearts look intricate but only require some simple weaving.  There is a little pouch inside each heart, a perfect place to hide a few chocolates.

You will need:

1.  Print out the woven heart pattern

2.  Red and pink felt

3.  Hemp cord

4.  Scissors

5.  A glue gun

6.  A suction cup hook (optional)


Hearts dangling in a window
A pattern pinned to felt 1.  Fold the felt in half and pin the pattern down with the straight edge on the fold.  Cut around the pattern and then cut the slits.  You will need a pink and a red piece for each heart.  It is difficult to reuse the pattern so you may want to print out several copies.

Two piece of cut felt
Weaving a heart

2.  With the pieces still folded in half, take the first flap of the pink piece.  Wrap it around the first red flap.  Then slide it through the next red flap.  Then wrap it around the next flap and then push it through the last flap.


The heart woven but still bunched up 3.  Repeat this wrap around / go through motion with the other flaps, but for the next flap start by going through and then around.  The fabric will get bunchy and messy, but don't worry.  Just keep weaving.  Once everything is in place, you can make adjustments so the weave is neat and the heart lies flat.
The pouch in the heart 4.  Flatten the heart.  If everything has gone well, there should be a pouch in the middle of the heart.  You can use this to hide treats or just leave it alone.
The cord for the hearts 5.  Cut three pieces of cord: a sixteen inch piece, a twelve inch piece, and an eight inch piece.  Hot glue a cord to each heart.
The finished decoration 6.  Knot the three cords together.  If desired add a bow and glue the cord to the suction hanger.  Add a bow to each heart.  Hang your decoration wherever you desire.

The weaving pattern used for these hearts is also used to make paper hearts, a traditional Danish Christmas ornament.  The famed author Hans Christian Anderson may have made the first one!  The paper Christmas ornament hearts can be quite intricate, using flaps of different sizes and even wavy or uneven shapes to form lovely patterns. 



A paper bee carries a sweet message. The box carries sweet treats.

Make several of these Christmas trees and fill them with candy. They make wonderful gifts for children, students, nieces, nephews, etc.

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