Crocheted Crystal Snowflake

To make this stunning ornament, first crochet the snowflake.  You them soak it overnight in a borax solution to form the crystals.  You can grow the crystals on any simple, small shape.  If you don't crochet, try to cut a shape from felt or twist a shape from pipecleaners.

You will need: 

Cotton thread

A size 6 crochet hook

A small jar


A popsicle stick and thread


Step 1.  Crochet the miniature snowflake.

Round 1.  Chain 8.  Join.

Round 2.  Chain 4.  Make two double crochets in the loop.  *Chain 5.  Make three double crochets in the loop.  Repeat from the * until there are five clusters of double crochets.  Chain 5.  Join.

Round 3.  Slip stitch into the next two double crochets and into the chain 5 loop.  Chain 1.  Make 3 single crochets into the same loop.  Chain 3.  Make three more single crochets, still in the same loop.  Chain 1. You have finished one point of the star.  Time to do the next point!

*Make 3 single crochets into the next loop.  Chain 3.  Make three more single crochets in the same loop.  Chain 1.

Repeat from the * until all the points of the star are complete.  Join.  Tie off and weave in the ends.

Free Crochet Patterns from CraftPenguin

Step 2.  Add the crystals.

Mix 3 Tbs. of borax with 1 cup of boiling water.  Stir until the borax is dissolved.  Drape the snowflake in the borax solution and let it sit overnight.  It won't look like any crystals are forming for 6 or 7 hours.  Be patient.  They will form.

We used a colorful shape here because it photographs better.  You, of course, will soak your little snowflake.


Step 3.  Finish the star.


Let the star dry.  The crystals are quite sturdy so you can lay the snowflake down flat.  Once it is dry, hang the snowflake on the tree!


When you mix the borax with hot water, is dissolves.  As the water cools, it can't hold as much borax.  The borax begins to form crystals which attach to the crocheted snowflake.  Although they aren't ice crystals, your snowflake has real crystals!


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