Crocheted Wire Bracelet

We use large glass beads for a casual look, but you can use colored wire and any size and shape of beads for a completely different look.  This is easy enough for young girls, but they should have some experience with crochet.  With fancy beads, this is cool and pretty on an adult.

 You will need:

1.  Beading wire (Any guage, just make sure the beads fit.)

2.  32 beads

3. Size H crochet hook

 A brightly colored bead bracelet
 Glass beads on a wire  1.  Sting the beads onto the wire.
 Corcheting and attaching beads  2.  Push the beads back.  In front of the beads, chain one.  *Pull one bead forward.  Reach around it to catch the wire, and make a chain stitch.  The bead should be held in place by that stitch.  Chain one. Repeat from the * until 16 beads are stitched in place.
A strand of wire with lots of beads   3.  Chain 4.  Chain one bead in place.  Turn.  Skip over the first bead, and do a double crochet in the stitch between the beads.  Chain a bead in place, and then double crochet in the next stitch between beads.  Keep doing this until you reach the other side.
 A brightly colored bead bracelet  4.  Slip stitch the ends together, to form a circle.  Clip the ends of your wire so they are about and inch long.  Slide them them back through the beads, so the ends are secure.


Cute, original, easy to wear, warm, and small enough to tuck into your pocket!

This little stocking is lovely hanging on a tree or from a mantle. It is a real stocking so you can stuff it with little treats.

This hat is an unexpectedly rugged style for a toddler and that makes it all the more adorable.