Crocheted Poinsettia

Use this Christmas flower as an ornament, brooch, or key chain.  It is only about two inches across and you will be able to crochet it quickly.  It only has two rounds! 

We use heavy thread, almost as thick as yarn.  You can use yarn for a bigger poinsetta or lighter thread for a smaller one.  You can also put a button in the center instead of beads.

You will need:

Heavy red thread

A size 7 crochet hook

Yellow glass beads

Fabric stiffener and a few pins

Ribbon (for hanging)

Step 1.  Begin the poinsettia.

Chain 11.  Slip stitch in the first chain, which will be the center loop.  *Chain 10.  Slip stitch in the center loop.  Repeat from the * until you have six loops.

Step 2.  Finish crocheting the poinsettia.

In the first loop, *work six single crochet up the side of the loop  Chain three.  Work six more single crochet in the same loop.  Repeat from the * in the next loop and in each loop around.  Tie off.

Step 3.  Shape the poinsettia.

Spray or dip the poinsetta into fabric stiffener.  Lay it flat, arrange the petals as desired, and pin them down.  Let the poinsetta dry. 

You can use our snowflake shaping pattern to make sure the poinsettia is symetrical.

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Step 4.  Finish the poinsettia.

Glue three or four beads to the center of the poinsettia.  It is ready!

The poinsettia is native to Mexico and Central America.  The flowers on the poinsettia are actually quite small and yellow.  It is the leaves that are large and brightly colored.


This beautiful homemade ornament has a rustic look. It is easy enough for kids to make, but pretty enough for adults to enjoy, too.

Beautiful and simple, this snowflake ornament will look stunning on your Christmas tree. A homemade ornament also makes a delightful gift.

Drop one of these "bombs" into your bath for a fizzy, fragrant soak.