Corn Husk Wreath

This gorgeous wreath is a perfect fall decoration.  You can use it to decorate your house through all of October and November.  You won't believe how inexpensive it is to make, either.  You will use quite a bit of hot glue, but you can make the wreath form with cardboard, newspaper, and string.  Then just save the corn husks from dinner one night and you will be ready to make this charming wreath.

You will need:

A wreath form or:

   A twelve inch square of cardboard
   Newspaper or brown packing paper
   String or floral wire

The husk from six or seven ears of corn

A hot glue gun and glue


Ribbon or tulle (for hanging)

A circle traced onto cardboard

To make the wreath form:

Make a twelve inch circle on the cardboard.  Draw a ten inch circle inside, making a doughnut shape.  Cut out the circle.


Wrapping paper around a ring of cardboard to make a wreath form Twist the newpaper or packing paper into a roll about an inch across.  Put the paper on the cardboard and wrap it with enough wire or string to hold it in place.
Wraping corn husks around a wreath

To make the first layer of the wreath:

Brush any silk strands away from the corn husks.  Take one husk and wrap in around the wreath.  Use hot glue to glue it in place.  Trim away any extra length.

Take another husk and wrap it arond the wreath overlapping the first husk.  Glue it in place.  Keep doing this until the entire wreath is covered.  Overlap generously.  The husks shrink slightly when they dry.


Making the second layer of a corn husks wreath

To make the second layer of the wreath:

Use smaller husks or tear or fold them in half.  Use these smaller husks to make X shapes around the wreath to give in more dimension. 

Let the wreath dry in a warm, dry place for a day or two.

A bow made from corn husks

To make the bow:

Make a stack of corn husks.  Wrap one husk tightly around the middle and glue it so that it holds the other husks together. 

Let the bow dry while the wreath drys. 

Save a few corn husks, just in case you need them later.

 A finished corn husks wreath

To finish the wreath:

If the corn husks shrink so much that you can see the wreath form, use the extra corn husk to patch the wreath.

A corn husk wreath that is shrunkenA patched corn husk wreath






Position the bow wherever you like.  You could also add a ribbon bow if you want a colorful wreath.  Add a loop of ribbon or tulle around the top of the wreath so you can hang it on your door or in your window.



Corn is a "New World" food.  When Europeans first began to explore the Americas, they "discovered" the grain, which was cultivated by the native peoples.  Corn was exported to Europe.  Today corn is used as food for humans and livestock, to produce ethanol, to produce corn syrup, and as a filler in plastics, packing materials, and even some paint.


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