Cookie Pops

What do you get when you cross a cookie and a lollipop?  A cookie pop!  Making cookie pops is a fun way to add a little variety to any sugar cookie recipe.  We roll the cookies in colored sugar before we bake them to give them a little color and sparkle, but you could also decorate them with frosting after they are baked.

You will need:

1.  Cookie dough for any stiff cookie you roll into balls and bake.  Here is a good sugar cookie recipe.

2.  Popsicle sticks

3.  1/2 cup sugar

4.  Food dye


A cookie on a stick
Rolling a cookie in colored sugar

1.  Put the sugar in a small bowl.  Add a few drops of food coloring in any color you like.  Stir.  Continue adding coloring a few drops at a time until you like the color of the sugar.

2.  Roll the cookie dough into balls according to the directions in your recipe.  Roll each ball in the sugar until it is well coated.

Put in the stick 3.  Put the cookie dough ball on the baking sheet and put a popsicle stick into its side.  Flatten the ball slightly with your hand.
The cookie pops are baked and ready to eat 4.  Bake the cookies according to the directions in the recipe, usually 8-10 minutes.  Allow then to cool and then enjoy your tasty cookie pops!

The idea of food on a stick is fun and there are many possiblities from corndogs to popsicles.  Adding a stick makes any food easy to serve and easy to eat and adds a touch of novelty.  



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