Cookie Bouquet

Cookie bouquets can be simple or elaborate and can be made in a theme for any holiday or occasion.  We will make a simple one here, using only three cookies.  It is a good idea to decorate a few extra cookies as it is easy to break the cookies when you insert the dowels and assemble the bouquet.

You will need:

1.  Sugar or gingerbread cookies

2.  Powdered sugar, water, and food coloring

3.  Clean paintbrushes

4.  Thin wooden dowels

5.  A vase

6.  Tissue paper or foam

A cookie bouquet with a love theme
Colored frosting 1.   Mix the frosting.  For each color, stir 1/2 cup of powdered sugar with 2 Tbs. of water.  You want the frosting to be runny.  It should drizzle off your spoon, form a pattern that holds for about 2 seconds, and then melts down into the rest of the frosting.  You can add a few drops of water or a few teaspoons of powdered sugar to adjust the texture. 

You can mix each color separately, or make a large batch and divide it into smaller bowls.  Add the food coloring and mix until you have the desired shade.

Painted cookies 2.  Paint the cookies.  If you layer the frosting, use lighter colors on the bottom.  Let the cookies sit for a few minutes so the frosting hardens.
The finished cookie bouquet 3.  Meanwhile, stuff tissue paper in the vase or fill it with foam.  Gently push a wooden rod into each cookie.  You might break a few - it is hard to avoid.  Arrange the cookies;  you have a lovely and tasty bouquet.

Powdered sugar is a granulated sugar that is crushed to an extremely fine texture.  A small amount of cornstarch is added to keep the powdery texture.  When mixed with liquid, the sugar has smooth, fluffy texture, making it an ideal ingredient in frostings.


Delightfully fragrant, clove oranges are a holiday classic. They are easy and inexpensive, too!

Knot string to make this colorful bracelet.

This banner is a cute way to decorate for a baby shower or a first birthday. Make it as long as you like by adding more paper onesies and choose the baby's favorite colors.