Clove Orange

This craft is a holiday classic.  It is easy enough for children.  Adults - you will enjoy it, too.  After you make your first orange, try making another and press the cloves into a holiday design.  These oranges usually stay fragrant and fresh for several weeks.  Do keep an eye on them however, and throw them out if you see signs of mold.

You will need:

1.  An orange

2.  Cloves, about 1/4 of a cup

3.  18 inches of satin ribbon or cord

 A clove studded orange hanging on a pink ribbon
 A line of cloves pressed into an orange 1.  Begin sticking the cloves into the orange.  Leave a space about 1/2 inch wide around the orange.  You will tie the ribbon here.
 An orange covered with cloves 2.  Continue pressing the cloves into the orange until the orange is evenly covered.
 A pink ribbon wrapped around a clove studded orange  3.  Wrap the ribbon tightly around the orange and knot it.  You should have two long ends.
 A pink ribbob knotted to hang a clove studded orange  4.  Knot the ends together and trim any extra ribbon.
A clove studded orange hanging on a pink ribbon 5.  Hang the orange in a doorway or closet.  Put one in your car.  Add it to the centerpiece on your table.  Wherever it goes, it will spread a delicious and spicy holiday fragrance.

Cloves are a dried flower bud, with a rich sweet fragrance.  They are harvested from a tropical evergreen tree, dried, and often ground.  Cloves have a sweet nutty taste.  Ground cloves are used for baking, while whole cloves are used to flavor broths and sauces or to stud meats.


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