Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament

With it's elegant, fragile appearance this little Christmas tree decoration looks like a vintage Christmas ornament.  It is beautiful sitting on your table or hung from your Christmas tree.  You can make several in different sizes to decorate a snow village or to be a Christmas centerpiece.  Although it looks delicate, it is quite easy to make.  You just wrap string around a cone and starch it.  Do be prepared to have sticky fingers!  Once the tree is dry, you can paint it or glue on beads or small stars to achieve a different look.

You will need:

1. Christmas tree pattern

2.  Cardstock

3.  White cotton string

4.  Wax paper

5.  Fabric stiffener

6.  Scissors and tape

7.  A small star (to top the tree)

 The tree form cut from cardstock

 Step 1.  Cut out the tree form.

Use the pattern to cut out the tree form from cardstock.

The form for the Christmas tree ornament 

 Step 2.  Assemble the tree form.

Roll the cardstock into a cone shape and tape it together.  It doesn't have to look nice, just make sure it will stay in a cone shape.  Then cover it with wax paper, tuck the ends of the wax paper up inside the cone, and tape the wax paper in place.

 Dipping the string into the stiffener

 Step 3.  Get the string sticky.

For this craft, the string has to be sticky before you put it in place or it will slide all over the wax paper.  Fill a small bowl with the fabric stiffener.  Put about three feet of string into the bowl and push it down into the stiffener.  Don't put too much string in the bowl at once or it will tangle. 

As you wrap the string, add a few more feet into the bowl.  You will want to have a damp paper towel or dishrag on hand so you can wipe your fingers periodically.

A cone wrapped in white string. 

 Step 4.  Wrap the string around the cone.

Start wrapping!  Make sure the string crosses over itself frequently and wrap the string all the way around the bottom of the mold and over the tip a few time, forming vertical lines.  This will make the finished tree more durable. 

When you like the way the tree looks, set it aside and let the stiffener dry completely.

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The tree removed from the mold. 

 Step 5.  Remove the tree from the mold.

Cut around the bottom of the mold, just below the bottommost string.  Slide the cone out of the tree.  The wax paper will probably stick to the tree.  Gently pull it off.  You may have to tear it. 

Cut off any excess string from the vertical wraps.

The tree decorated in a funky fashion.

Step 6.  Decorate the tree.

You can leave the tree as it is, top it with a small star paint it red or gold,  or add beads to be "ormanents." 


Setting up the Christmas tree is one of the most widespread Christmas traditions in the Americas and Europe.  However, Christmas trees are not customary in all countries.  In fact, Christmas is not a big holiday in all countries.  Because the celebration of Christmas centers around the birth of Christ, in areas with few Christians, it is not an important holiday.  In China and Japan, for example, the New Year is the biggest holiday of the year. 



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