Pet Collar

This collar stitches up so quickly, you may want to make several in different colors.  We made ours for Christmas, but you could change the colors and make a collar for any holiday. 

You will need:

1.  24 to 48 inches of thick, wired ribbon

2.  A needle and thread

3.  8 to 18 inches of 1/4 inch elastic

A black lab wearing a collar made from red and gold ribbon
Scissors and ribbon 1.  Measure loosely around your pet's neck.  Double that measurement.  Cut two pieces of ribbon to this length.  (e.g.  If your dog's neck is 12 inches around,  cut two pieces of ribbon each 24 inches long.)
A needle and thread

2.  With the right side facing out, stitch the ribbons together longways on each side, forming a 1/2 inch band down the middle.

Leave about 1/4 of an inch from each end of the ribbon unstitched, so you can turn it under later.

A piece of elastic with knotted ends sticks out fo the ribbons. 3.  Cut a piece of elastic that is long enough to go around your pet's neck + three inches.  Use a safety pin to run this elastic through the middle of the ribbon.  Knot the ends together tightly.
A colorful collar

4.  Turn the ends of the tube under, tuck the knot inside, and whip stich the ends of the ribbon together.

If you like, you can add bows or jingle bells.  Just be sure to stitch them on tightly.  If they come off, they could be hazardous to your pet.

  A black lab smiles for the camera 5.  Put the collar on your pet.  She or he is ready for the holiday!

All domestic breeds of dogs are descendants of wolves, but over the years they have been bred into more gentle creatures.  A huge and facinating array of traits have been encouraged in the different breeds of dogs, from athleticism to cuteness.  Today there is a breed of dog to appeal to any personality type.

Dog collars have been used throughout recorded history, primarily as training aids.  Some collars, such as the greek melium were used as armor to protect guard dogs' necks from predators.  Collars were (and still are) usually made of leather, and in many circumstances were intricately decorated works of art.


Gilded Wreath

This shiny wreath is lovely hanging on a Christmas tree or equally lovely on a door or in a window.  Best of all, it is a quick, easy, and inexpensive craft.  Make this rustic ornament with a few twigs.  Then spray paint it silver or gold or leave it a natural color. 

What you need:

1.  Fifteen sticks, three inches long

Add this tiny Christmas mouse to your tree this year! It only takes minutes to crochet.

Turn a classic snack into a tasty Christmas treat!