Body Butter Chocolates

These body bon bons are a no calorie treat!   Although they look like chocolate, they really contain a rich, luxurious lotion.  Use them for a soothing spa treatment or a relaxing massage.  You can substitute olive oil or coconut oil for the jojba oil and add in vitamin E, cocoa butter, or shea butter if you wish.

You will need:

1.  Beeswax

2.  Jojoba Oil

3.  Tangerine essential oil

4.  Cocoa powder

5.  An ice cube tray or candy molds

This recipe makes about six bon bons.

Six body bon bons
 Melting wax to make lotion bon bons 1.  Put three tablespoons of wax in a microwave safe container.  Microwave the wax for thirty seconds and then stir it.  Repeat until the wax is entirely melted.  It should take about two minutes to melt the wax.
 Adding essential oil to body lotion bon bons 2.  Stir in five tablespoons of jojba oil, 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder, and five drops of tangerine essential oil.
 Molding the body bon bons 3.  Pour the liquid in the molds.  Let sit for an hour until the liquid hardens.  If you want the bon bons to harden faster, put the mold in the refrigerator.
 Decorate the body bon bons  4.  Turn the mold over and tap it to releast the bon bons.  If they stick, run hot water over the back of the mold.  Put the bon bons on wax paper.  Melt one tablespoon of wax and then stir in one tablespoon of oil.  Drizzle this mixture over the bon bons.  It will harden in a few minutes.
Six gorgeous body lotion bon bons 5.  To use the bon bons, hold one in your hand and gently rub it over your skin.  The heat from your body will soften the bon bon into a luxurious lotion.

Jojoba oil is pressed from the nuts of the jojoba plant, and desert shrub native to Arizona, California, and Mexico.  In 1971, when the US banned importing whale oil, jojoba oil was found to be an excellent substitute in cosmetic products.  The oil is quite similar to the natural oils produced by human skin and it makes a wonderful moisturizer.


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