Chocolate Halloween Spiders

These chocolate spiders make great Halloween party favors or table decorations.  You can vary the sizes and faces on the spiders.  The spiders' legs get easily bent out of shape, so plan to re-arrange the legs if you move the spiders around.  We stuffed our spider with Whoppers but you could use chocolate covered raisins or black licorice.

You will need:

1.  Candy such as Whoppers or Black Licorice
     1/4 cup for each small spider or 3/4 cup for each large spider.

2.  Tulle

3.  Black pipe cleaners, 4 for each spider

4.  Googly eyes

5.  A red pipe cleaner or bits of paper (optional)



Two spiders made with tulle wrapped chocolate

Small Candy Spider

A ball of chocolate wrapped in tulle

1.  Cut the tulle and wrap the chocolate.

Cut out a circle of tulle about ten inches in diameter.  Put 1/4 cup of candy into the middle.  Wrap the tulle around the candy.  Fold the four pipe cleaners in half and twist them tightly around the tulle to close the pouch.

Pipecleaners and chocolate look like a spider

2.  Shape the spider.

Trim off any extra tulle.  Turn the pouch over, spread out the pipe cleaners, and bend them so they look like spider legs.

A spider with eyes

 3.  Decorate your spider.

Add googly eyes.  Since they will touch the candy, we recommend you attach them with frosting or honey.  They will fall off easily so handle the spider gently.

Large Candy Spider

The head of a large chocolate spider


1.  Make the spider's head.

Cut out a circle of tulle about fourteen inches in diameter.  Put 1/4 of a cup of candy in the center and wrap the tulle around it.  Fold the four pipe cleaners in half and wrap them tightly around the tulle.

The bocy of a large chocolate spider

2.  Make the spider's body.

Pour 1/2 cup of chocolate into the rest of the tulle.  Again wrap the tulle around the candy tightly.  Use the red pipe cleaner to wrap the tulle and hold it in place.  Trim away any excess tulle.  Twist the red pipe cleaner so that it looks like a stinger.

The legs on a large chocolate spider

3.  Shape the spider's legs.

 Spread out the black pipe cleaners and bend them so that they look like spider legs.  They will bend out of shape easily so handle the spider gently.  You can always give them a final tweak right before the party.

The finished chocolate spider

4.  Decorate your spider.

To add fangs, cut off an inch of red pipe cleaner.  Slide it through the tulle and bend the ends down.  Attach googly eyes with frosting of honey.  The eyes fall off easily so be gentle with your spider.

Few spiders are dangerous to humans.  In fact, most of them are helpful because the eat pesky bugs like flies and mosquitoes.  If you live in North America, the two most common poisonous spiders are the brown recluse spider and the black widow. 


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