Chocolate Lip Balm

Lip balm (also known as ChapStick) is surprisingly easy to make.  This is a simple recipe that makes a sweet, soothing balm, perfect for chocolate lovers.  If you enjoy making your own lip blam, there are many variations.  You can develop your own signature blend with the perfect combination of ingredients and flavor.  Buy good quality beeswax and oil.  It may seem expensive, but you do not need very much and the end result is worth it.  This recipe makes four tubes of lip balm.  It can easily be doubled or tripled.

You will need:

1.  Lip balm containers

2.  Beeswax

3.  Jojoba, coconut, or olive oil

4.  Cocoa powder (optional)

 A tube of chapstick
 Melting wax in a measuring cup  1.  Put one tablespoon of wax into a microwave safe container.  Microwave it for thirty seconds and then stir it.  Repeat until the wax is completely melted.  This should take about two minutes.
 Add oil and cocoa powder  2.  Stir in two tablespoons of your oil and one teaspoon of cocoa powder.  If you wish, omit the cocoa powder.
Fill the tubes of chapstick   3.  Carefully pour the liquid into the tubes.  A funnel can be helpful.  Set the tubes aside until the lip balm hardens, about and hour. 
 Completed tubes of  homemade lip balm  4.  Cap the tubes and tuck them into pockets, your purse, or your make up bag so you can apply the soothing, chocolatey balm whenever your like.

In 1912, a Mr. Morton and his wife began manufacturing Chapstick in their kitchen.  The product sold well and the Mortons expanded production.  In 1963, Morton Manufacturing Company sold their rights to Chapstick.  The new owner, A.H. Robbins Company, added flavored sticks in 1971 and sticks containing sunblock in 1981.  Altough Chapstick is a brand name and registered trademark of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, it is so common that it is often used to refer to any soothing product applied to the lips.  The generic name for such a product is lip balm.


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