This clever stand-up version of a hand-print turkey adds some flair with tail feathers.

Use corn husks to make an old-fashioned wreath for Fall.

Every mom decorates with handprint turkeys at Thanksgiving. Here is a dressier version; it includes several handprints and a footprint. It is just as fun to make as the classic version and just as cute.

These clever cookie and candy turkeys make perfect toppers for Thanksgiving cupcakes.

Every refrigerator needs a handprint turkey for Thanksgiving. Here is one that is a little bit different from the classic hand print cut out, but just as cute.

Give your cupcakes Thanksgiving flair with these little Pilgrim hats.

Cute and tasty, these little turkeys are a perfect fall craft. Use popcorn balls for the bodies and make the tails and heads with candy.

No parent's fridge is complete without this classic Thanksgiving decoration.

Build a turkey from an apple and vegetables for an edible Thanksgiving craft.

These tasty turkeys are made with cookies, candy, and frosting. Kids love making this Thanksgiving craft almost as much as they enjoy eating it when it is finished.

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