Burlap Flower Girl Basket

This burlap flower basket is perfect for a rustic or outdoor wedding.  You can stitch it up quickly from burlap.  And while you have your sewing machine, scissors, and some burlap out, make a cute ring bearer's pillow to match!

You will need:



A sewing machine


Basket Pattern

Ribbon (optional)

Step 1.  Cut out the basket.

Cut out two pieces each of the basket and the handle.

Step 2.  Stitch the basket pieces together.

Bring the edges up together and stitch the sides together.  Do this for both pieces.  Turn one of them inside out.

Step 3.  Stitch the handle together.

Fold the edges of the handle under about 1/4 of an inch.  Pin the two pieces together so the folds are on the inside.  Then topstitch along each edge to hold the pieces together.

Step 3.  Sew the basket together.

Press the lining part of the basket into the outer part of the basket.  Fold the edges of each piece to the inside and pin them so they stay in place.  Slide the ends of the handle between the liner and the outer side and pin the handle in place.  Topstitch all the way around the basket.  This will hold it together and hold the handle in place.

Step 4.  Finish the basket.

Snip any threads.  You can add a bow to the basket for color or use it as it is.

Step 6.  Use the basket.

Fill the basket with flowers of rose petals.  Your little flower girl will look adorable carrying it down the altar.  And we even have a pattern for a matching ring bearer's pillow!

Flower girls and ring bearers have long been the most adorable members of the wedding party.  Their roles are simple; make it down the aisle and look cute!  And if they happen to scatter rose petals and transport the wedding bands, so much the better.



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This DIY flower basket is perfect for any rustic or outdoor wedding! Your flower girl will look adorable when she carries it down the aisle.