Braided T-shirt Headband

Up-cycle an old t-shirt and turn it into a cute hair accesory.  The braid looks complex, but it isn't.  If you can do a basic braid, all you need is to add a simple step to make a five strand braid.  You can vary the size and color of the flower, or even leave it off. 

You will need:


An old t-shirt


A needle and thread

A strip of material in a contrasting color (for the flower)

 Step 1.


Cut the t-shirt into strips about 1 inch wide.  Cut the rings of t-shirt at one end so they form strips.

 Step 2.  Start braiding.

Tie five strips together at one end.  (We didn't tie ours together because it is easier to see the braiding process.)

*Take the strip on the left and cross it over the strip next to it.

 Now take the strip in the center.  Cross it to the left, over the strip you just crossed.
Now go to the other side of the braid.  Take the strand on the right and cross it to the left, over the strip next to it on the left.

 Now take the strip in the center.  Cross it over the strip to the right.

Go back to the left side of the braid and repeat these steps from the * until the braid is long enough to wrap around your head.

 Tie the ends together or sew them together.  Trim away the ends.

 Step 3.  Make the flower.

Take a strip of material about a foot long.  Cut it in a scallop pattern.  The wider this strip is, the bigger your flower will be.

Make a running stitch along the straight edge.  Gather the strip together tightly.

 Wrap the gathered strip into a spiral, which will make it look like a flower.  Take a few stitches through the center to hold the petals in shape.

 Step 4. 

Stitch the flower to the headband.  Your headband is finished.

People have worn head decorations for thousands of years: hats, headbands, crowns, and jewelry.  Headbands can be practical.  They hold the hair out of the face and can soak up sweat.  They can also be decorative.  They are a fun way to add color to an outfit or display flowers or jewels. 


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