Blooming Heart Handprint Tree

This beautiful Japanese art inspired card uses a handprint to make a tree trunk and branches and hearts to make blossoms.  The black, white, and yellow color scheme keep the look simple and dramatic but you can use other colors for an entirely different look. 

You will need:

1.  Black paper or cardstock

2.  White paper or cardstock

3.  Yellow paper

4.  Scissors

5.  Glue (We recommend Rubber Cement)

A tree made from a handprint and hearts

A handprint cut out of black paper.

Step 1.  Make the tree stem. 
Trace a hand on black paper, including a few inches of wrist.  Cut out the hand print.

Heart cut out of yellow paper.
Step 2.  Cut out the hearts.
Cut out 5-12 hearts out of yellow paper.  Make even hearts by folding a paper in half and then cut a teardrop shape along the fold.

Black and white paper.
Step 3.  Make the card background.
Fold a piece of black construciton paper in half.  Cut a 5" x 8" rectagle out of white paper and paste it to the black background. 


Paste the hand onto the paper.  It will be the tree truck and branches.
Step 4.  Attach the hand to the card.
Paste the hand onto the white section of the paper.  It will form the tree's trunk and branches. 

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A tree made from a handprint and heartsA tree with many yellow hearts that look like flower blossoms.

Step 5.  Attach the hearts to the tree to form blossoms. 
You can attach just one to each finger or several.  Choose the look you like the best.

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