Cute Bee Valentine

Are you buzzing with love this Valentine's Day?  Attach this bee to a box of candy and let him deliver a special message to your sweetheart.  We found hot glue is the best glue to use when you assemble the bee.  If you are making this valentine with children, the parts of the bee are small so it is best for older children.  

You will need:

1.  A small box.  (Make one!)

2.  A 2" x 3" rectagle of paper

3.  A small amount of black, light blue paper, and red paper

4.  Black pipe cleaners

5.  Two googly eyes

6.  A hot glue gun and glue

7.  A black pen

8.  Scissors

A paper bee on a small box
A roll of yellow paper 1.  Roll the yellow paper into a tube and glue or tape it together.
Black paper is added for stripes and two eyes are put glued on the tube. 2.  Cut the black paper into three thin strips.  Wrap them around the yellow tube towards the bottom and glue or tape them into place.   Glue the googly eyes on the tube towards the top.
A black pipecleaner shaped into an antenna 3.  Bend the pipecleaner to form antennas for the bee.  Glue them to the inside of the tube, behind the eyes.
A bee made from paper 4.  Cut the blue paper to form wings.  Glue them to the back of the tube.
 A bee on a box.  5.  Glue the bee to the top of the box.  Cut a heart out of red paper and write "Bee Mine" on it.  Fill the box with your darling's favorite candy.

An interesting development in beekeeping is the spread of the "killer bee."  These bees are the result of a genetics and breeding experiment.  The intent was to develop bees that would produce more honey.  It worked, but the bees aggression increased along with their honey making capabilities.  These bees have spread rapidly, taking over the hives of their more docile cousins.  They don't like cold weather and haven't spread to northern climates, but most bees in warm climates are now "killer bees."  Don't worry, though.  The term "killer bee" is deceptive.   Like all bees, killer bees are happy to mind their own buisness.  They rarely attack unless they are provoked.  They are just slightly easier to provoke than other bees and will chase you farther if they do attack.


Use masking tape to make messages on this colorful valentine.

A paper bee carries a sweet message. The box carries sweet treats.

Woven heart pouches are a fun Valentine's Day craft. Stuff them with candies, or add a handle for a small gift bag.