Beaded Pipe Cleaner Hearts

These hearts are quite pretty, but easy enough for children to make.  Choose any beads you like, thread them on a pipe cleaner, and bend the pipe cleaner into a heart shape.  You can use them for all sorts of decorations.  Attach them to wreaths or garlands, dangle them in the window, or glue them to dowels and add them to a bouquet.

You will need:

White or pink pipe cleaners

Colored beads


Glue and wooden dowels (optional)


Step 1.

Cut a pipe cleaner in half.  Fold it into a V shape.

Step 2.

Thread eight beads onto each side of the V.  You may need more or less than 8 beads depending on how large your beads are.  Just leave about 1/4 inch of space at the top of the pipecleaner.

Step 3.

Bring the ends of the pipecleaner together and give them a twist.  Gently bend the pipecleaner into a heart shape.  Trim away any extra pipecleaner ends or fuzz.

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Step 4.

Decorate with your little hearts.  We glued them to wooden skewers and used them to decorate our house plants.  You could also tuck them into a flower bouquet or make enough for an entire bouquet of hearts.  They are also cute on wreaths or garlands.  You can even use them for Christmas ornaments!

For as long as people have been around, they have adorned themselves with jewelry.  Prehistoric people made beads with shells, wood, bone, and even egg shells.  Archeologist have found beads made from semi-precious and precious stones that were made more than 5,000 years ago!


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