These bath bombs are fun to add to your bath, and quite easy to make.  You choose your favorite color and fragrance, mix, mold, wait over night, and then enjoy a fizzy, foamy, fragrant bath.  Bath bombs also make great gifts!  We use plastic snap-together Christmas ornaments for molds.  However, you can use soap molds, candy.molds, plastic Easter eggs, or even form them free hand. 

You will need:

1.  1 cup of baking soda

2.  1/2 cup of citric acid *

3.  1/2 tsp. of an essential oil of your choice

4.  A few drops of food coloring (optional)

5.  A spray bottle with water

6.  Oil to grease the molds **

7.  2 round molds, about 2" diameter.

* You usually can't find citric acid in a grocery or department store.  Order it online, or check in a health food store, a brewery supply store, or a cheese making supply shop.    

** You can use plain vegetable oil.  We prefer to use an oil we associate with baths and skin care, such as baby oil or jojoba oil.

A fizzy bath bomb
A spoon in a mixture of baking soda and citric acid 1.  Thoroughly mix the baking soda and citric acid.
A spoon is a orange, powdery mixture 2.  Add the essential oil and food coloring, a little at a time, while mixing.  The liquid can start the fizzy reaction, so make sure you mix quickly while you add the color and scent.
A clump of the mixture 3.  While mixing, spritz the mixture with the water.  Keep spritzing until the mixture is about the texture of wet sand and will hold together when you squeeze a handful.  This will not take very much water; it usually only takes 5-7 sprays.
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The mixture in the molds 4.  Lightly oil the molds.  Firmly press the mixture into the molds.
The closed molds 5.  Snap the molds together and let them sit overnight.  Gently remove the bath bombs. 
A bath bomb wrapped with cellophane and ribbon

6.  Wrap them in cellophane or tissue paper or store them in a jar.

To use, simply drop the bath bomb into your bath water.  The "fizz factor" will decrease as the bomb gets older.  It is best to use the bombs within a month.


Citric acid gives bath bombs their trademark fizziness.  Citric acid is a weak acid that occurs naturally in various fruits and vegetables, especially in citrus fruits, as you might guess.  It has industrial uses in canning, baking, flavoring food, making cosmetics, making cleaners, and even in photography.  If you have very sensitive skin, contact with concentrated citric acid might be irritating - so use gloves if you have sensitive skin!


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