Halloween Bat Card & Bat Candy Holder

These bats are cute, quick, and easy party favors for Halloween.  You can also leave off the chocolate bars and use them as invitations.


You will need:

Bat pattern

Black cardstock

Googly eyes

Mini chocolate bars



White paint & a brush (optional)




Using a pattern to cut bats out of black cardstock

1.  Cut out the bat.

Use the bat pattern to cut the bat(s) from black cardstock.


Folding a paper bat

2.  Decorate the bat.

Add googly eyes to the bat and fold the wings.

Painting the wings of a black bat

3.  Paint the edges of the wings.

Lightly brush the edges of each wings with white paint.

Adding chocolate bars to the bat

4.  Finish with a chocolate bar.

Glue or tape a chocolate bar on the center of each bat.  Fold the wings over the bar and use a small amount of glue or tape to hold them in place.

In spite of the expression "blind as a bat," bats have perfectly good eyesight.  However, because they do most of their flying at night, they can navigate by echolocation instead of sight.  They make a high pitched noise.  The sound waves bounce off objects and return to the bats.  The bat can then tell how far away the object is.  It is a perfect system for finding their way in the dark. 



Make this spooky little ghost with tulle and fabric stiffener. Then spray it with glow-in-the-dark paint and put the finished ghost in any dark corner or window for an other worldly glow!

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